Sculptor. Painter. Entrepreneur.

Proficient in the art of Portrait Sculpture and Prototype Model Making. Working from detailed line drawings, I am able to create three dimensional sculptures that are accurate and sensitive partials of the given concept, keeping in mind critical measurements and size requirements. As well, I am able to use my own design skills to create new products. Working with polyform, oil and water based clays, I have the necessary knowledge required for the production of models for bronze, porcelain, resin, pewter, crystal and ceramic products, with the important understanding of the properties of mold making for these production pieces. Time constraints and cost parameters are addressed for each project.
In 1976, I started my career in sculpting, design and mold making working for various companies until 1989 when I started my own commercial art sculpting business, Sculpting Services. In 1997, while involved with my very prolific and successful sculpting and design business, I embarked on my second endeavor – being the owner and operator of a Bed and Breakfast called the The Brattle House in downtown Newport, RI. Self-motivation, personal discipline, and superior organizational skills our my hall marks and I strive to bring the very best of my abilities to any project.

Another great interest and talent of mine is painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors. To paint portraits and be able to capture one’s personality and spirit, not just his or her likeness on the surface of the canvas is a great joy! As well, I love painting from life and photos. House portraitures are also very challenging and enjoyable.

In 1991, and again in 1996, I traveled to France to study portrait and figure modeling at the Vaugel Sculpting School, in the Loire Valley – an intensive study in Portrait and Figure modeling, working from live models. Accuracy and proportion was the main focus. Between 2002 and 2005 I attended Salve Regina University in Newport, RI to study Art History, Oil Painting, Anatomy, Drawing, French, Architecture – 1620 to 1960 and Decorative Arts – 1700 – 1960.

In addition, it was my great honor to create and present the 2004 Rhode Island Easter Egg to The First Lady, Laura Bush. It was painted in hues of red and orange to depict a Newport summer’s sunset.  A Tall Ship was sculpted and placed on the egg to demonstrate RI’s long and rich maritime history.